Aluminum profiles

Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, excellent conductivity (on the basis of equal weight, aluminum conductivity is nearly twice the copper), excellent thermal conductivity, non-ferromagnetic, excellent machinability , Formability, recyclability (the characteristics of recycled aluminum and native aluminum is almost no difference). The company mainly engaged in architectural aluminum alloy profiles. These types of aluminum have good thermal insulation properties, good sound insulation effect, airtight water tightness, strong wind-pressure-resistant properties, fireproofing, anti-thieft and other characteristics.
All along, our company's aluminum products are very popular with the Southeast Asian market and the South American market , and we have long-term cooperation with  many international customers . Our company's doors and windows  are mainly divided into three series, including curtain wall series, window series and door series. According to the international standard, the products can be devided into 15HSS series, 15SMK series, 16JLB series, WVC700 series, 50 flat window series, 85 sliding window series, ZH Ping-door series and ZH sliding door series and other types of profiles.